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Javascript Alerts

Javascripts > Javascript Alerts

Scripts ordered by popularity. Newest scripts at the bottom.

No Right Click Without Alert
Protect your site from being copied.
65750 : 3068

Popup Warning Alert Box
A popup warning.
62293 : 758

Button Alert
When you click the button it alerts you.
34341 : 479

Alert Box
Will create an javascript alert box.
27012 : 306

Knock Knock! Browser Check
This little (actually big) script checks the name and version of the user's browser. If the user's browser version is high enough, it'll give the user a Knock Knock! joke. If it's not, it will tell the user they should update their browser.
18041 : 178

Alert Button
Create an alert Button, works with webtv, sometimes.
17858 : 331

Magic Annoying Push Button
An annoying little script that creates an unbelievably more annoying effect when used on a web page. Only use in extremely desperate situations to make your website fun. All you have to do is copy 5 lines of code into your web page, and poof! The program appears.
12532 : 155

Prompt Box
Will display a prompt box for where you can type in a particular name, and then will give a short description.
11387 : 99

Form Validation Script
This script displays alert message if the user accidently enters any other character where a number is required.
8372 : 284

Time Lived v1.0
If you ever wonder how long you have really lived, then this script will give you the answer.
7123 : 34

This tool allows you to multiply two numbers.
1888 : 10

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