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Javascript Popups

Javascripts > Javascript Popups

Scripts ordered by popularity. Newest scripts at the bottom.

Create a Popup Once Window
Popup windows are everywhere on the web. Use this script to add one to your site that is NOT annoying, since it only pops up once. Try leaving then coming back to this page- no more popup.

PopUp Window Viewer
This simple script allows you to designate your link PopUp window variables with ease. Position window exactly where to have viewed, control size, scrollbar, and automatically hide the toolbar and status. The window top command is controlled with the header portion of script, the size and scroll are controlled on the OnClick="NewWindow" script for body section. Real easy script to work with, and works in IE & NS. We use it avidly with no bugs :)

Criteria PopUp
A simple PopUp script code that allows you full control of browser window view elements and placement. Simply name each PopUp function ="name" window, then designate viewing options. Also include the name in the command. Repeat coding with different name for each link needed, and repeat same for the <a href=link> script name in the body. Note: notice the :codes() name. Simply rename each link name accordingly with the <head> script name you designate for each link.

Secret Alert Popup
Type a secret word anywhere on the page to view an alert

Popup Blocker
Blocks all popups.

Easy Popup Blocker
Easy popup blocker.

Goodbye Popup Window
Popup a goodbye window when someone leaves your site.

Only Popup Once
Use cookies to make sure a visitor only see's one popup.

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