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Javascript Clocks

Javascripts > Javascript Clocks

Scripts ordered by popularity. Newest scripts at the bottom.

Countdown Timer
This script will count down from a set time and will stop when it reaches zero. Very useful and easy to use for sites where a redirection is necessary.

Visual Clock
This script shows a real-time digital clock using your own images! Download the images from

Date Script
This script allows you to put the current date in a location specified by you. It is very similar to the script on the homepage which tells the date.

Online Timer
Display how long a visitor has been on your site.

Stop Watch Script
Add a nifty JavaScript stop watch to your site! Comes with the basic stop/start and reset feature.

Display Time and Document URL
Display the current time plus the document's URL conveniently using this script.

Status Bar Clock Script
This script displays the current time/date in the status bar.

Text Time Format
This script collects the current time from your computer and writes it to HTML format for the browser to display.

Time of Day Message Script
This script shows a different message depending on the time of day.

ISO Date
Display the date and time in accordance with the ISO 8601 standard.

Written Load Clock
Writes the exact time you loaded the web page--up to the second

Military to Standard Time Display Script
This script has a textbox containing the time, and below are two radio buttons allowing you to specify how the time will be displayed.

Clock Pointer
A clever clock that follows the mouse.

Limited Page View Script
Limit the time that a page is viewed using this script.

World Time for 22 World Capitals
Just doubleclick anywhere on the white space of this webpage and the local time of 22 capitals will appear. Doubleclick again and the worldtime will disappear.

Clock Talk
You can set a time for an alert to pop up and say something to your visitor.

Short Date
Shows the date in short hand using numbers.

Mouse Tail Clock
This is a mouse trailer that shows the time in a clock form and also date and day to.

Dates Galore
This script displays the Day, Month, and Year; but with a certain flare. It shows on the status bar.

Date & Time Display in Status Bar
The script is to be immediately loaded when the frame loads in the browser window.

A digital clock that displays Hours,minutes,seconds and milliseconds.

BN Clock
A simple and reliable clock made in javascript. Displays hours, minutes, and seconds, updates every second

Special Effect Calender
This will "highlight" each month and date in turn, stopping at the correct one and dimming the previous dates. It will then calculate the time to the seconds, making sure the hours, minutes, and secons stay perfectly intact and correct. IE4+ and NS6+ only.

Time Message
Gives the user a special greeting according to what time it is.

Millennium Countdown Clock for 3001
Countdown till 4th millenium (year 3001).

Century Clock for 2101
Countdown until 22nd century (year 2101).

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