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Javascript Calendars

Javascripts > Javascript Calendars

Scripts ordered by popularity. Newest scripts at the bottom.

Calendar Popup
Pops up a small calendar (like VB6 dtPicker) and set a text-box value to the user selection. it's also highlights the current day, and has a "today" link.

Popup Calendar
Fully navigable cross-browser popup calendar implemented in 4K of JavaScript!

USA Calendar
It shows a Calendar of the month. Today is highlited. The two colors, that are used for highliting and background, can by changed in the STYLE statement. This version is for America and UK where the week starts at Sunday. The calendar is writen in English. This can be changed by changing the first two arrays.

Atkins Calendar
A javascript calendar that includes a status bar clock, and the capability to draw up a popup window with future months in. Also stores entries into calendar in a cookie on users comuter.

It may seem to be quite a task, but creating a calendar on a Web page is not as hard as you might think. Below you can select any month and year of which to view.

Monthly Calendar
This calendar updates itself, highlights current month and date.

Entire Year Calendar
This script displays a calendar for the entire year.

Auto Expire
Great for promotions that start on a certain date, and end on another.

Days Left
This script calculates and displays the number of days left in the current month.

Select A Month
Select any month of any year and this javascript will build a calendar for that month.

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