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Javascript Misc

Javascripts > Misc Javascripts

Scripts ordered by popularity. Newest scripts at the bottom.

Mouse Pointer Effect
This script makes a wand like effect around your cursor.

Cool Raining Animation
Add rain to your webpage with this cool animation script!

Animated Site Header
Animate your header into view with this cool script. Works in both IE4+ and NS6!

Password Protection
Password protect your site!

Change Cursor
A simple script that will change a viewers cursor to whatever style you choose. To Change the Cursor from what you see now, simply replace " n-resize " with any of the following: Hand = Hand, Crosshair = Crosshair, Text = Highlight Text Cursor, Wait = Hour Glass, Move = 4Arrows, Help = ?, and Arrow for the arrow on this demonstration its - n-resize "for up", s-resize "for down", e-resize "for right", w-resize "for left", and for upper right, or upper left, do ne-resize, or nw-resize.

This little script shakes the monitor screen like an earthquake.

Backwards Text Converter
Make any text typed by you or a user display backwards. Not very practical, but fun.

Status Bar Scroll Message
A simple script you to create a scrolling message in the browser's status bar.

Format Number
This function formats a numeric value passed in to it with specified number of decimal values. Numeric value will not be rounded.

Scrolling Billboard
This script displays multiple messages 1 at a time in the status bar. It will continue to rotate through all the messages in a loop.

URL Script
This script catches your URL address and store it on your webpage for others to see. Place the script anywhere in the body of your HTML

Dynamic Update Box
This Dynamic Message+Link script will not only rotate between various messages, but supply each with a unique link!

Quick Printing A Web Page
Use this script to allow others to quickly print off a copy of your web page. Great for online resumes!

Chinese Zodiac
A fun JavaScript that tells you your Chinese Zodiac sign! Just enter your birth year, and see what corresponding animal you are!

URL Input Box
A simple script allowing a URL input box anywhere on your web page.

Uphill-Downhill Text Script
This script makes your message do a sort of roller coaster thing. It makes the font size get larger and smaller to give it a sort of up and down effect.

Random Quote
This simple but useful script displays a random quote out of three.

Change Languages
Display a message according to the language code as set in browser.

Bandwidth Converter
Easily convert between the various units used to calculate bandwidth, using this cool script!

Scroll Bar
Changes the scroll bar color to any thing you want.

Backwards Text Script
This script makes your message display backwards on the page.

Detect & Redirect
A simple script that will detect a viewers browser version and direct to proper URL.

Background Color Changer
This script adds 3 buttons to your site. When one of the buttons is clicked it changes the background color of your site.

Simple Calculator
A simple calculator.

Getting Monitor Size Script
This script will tell the user what their monitor size is.

A small litle game that lets u find and look after your own pikachu.

Auto Browser Closer
A simple script allowing a browser window to automatically close at a specified time. Each 1000 = 1 second.

Simple Encryption
This script will help newbies in writing there very own encryption script. It is commented to help with the code. It will encrypt and decrypt.

Roman Numerals
Convert numbers to Roman Numerals.

Super-Duper Virtual Disco Ball
A fun, cute script that changes the background of your website to each and every color in the rainbow (almost!☺), plus white, all in a neat box. Looks SUPERCOOL! But don't take my word for it! Try it yourself!

Uphill Text Script
This script makes your message's size get larger. When it gets to it's maximum size, it starts over.

Detect & Print Browser Version
Detect a browsers version with this simple script and display it on your web page as a printed text.

3D JavaScript Animation
3D rotating cuboid. Not sure what this could be good for, but here it is.

Scroll Up
This script used to display the menu in the center of the page without user knowledge.

IP Block
This neat little script enables you to block someone's IP adress! So if you don't want someone on your site, this is your kinda script!

Game of Chance
Roll the Dice and see if you win.

User Input
This script lets your visitors interact with your webpage by entering their name.

Live One Letter Effect
Changes one by one the letters of your text into a bigger letter and also changes the color. Continious.

Guess the Four-Letter Word
Loosely based on the game "Mastermind", this little word game is great for children and learners of English.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator
Calculates the number of payments or amount of the monthly payment given the other, current APR and remaining balance.

Simple Password Protect
A very simple password protection system.

Color Customization
With this script you can change your scrollbars into a different colours!

Resolution Warning
Warns user if resolution is too small to display full page without vertical scrollbars

Table Fader
Make any table fade in and out on mouse over.

Spinning Cursor Dots
If this script is loaded, some colored dots will spin around the cursor.

Double Click to Move Table Row
Script allows users to move rows up and down on a table by simply double-clicking on the source row and then again on the destination row.

Shaking Window
Use this javascript to create a button which when clicked will cause the browser window to shake. Not incredibly useful but fun.

PIN Protection
This script allows you to enter a pin to identify the authorized person and displays the content if the user is authorized.

Guess The Number
Guess the Number Game from 1-5.

Simple Javascript Redirect
A SMALL SCRIPT THAT LINK ONE PAGE TO ANOTHER WITH OUT ANY MOUSE CLICKS A small javascript that will redirect to another page without any mouse clicks.

Latitude and Longitude Location Conversion and farthest point locator
This tiny webpage aims to convert latitude and longitude (also known as absolute address) from degree,decimal form to degree, minutes, seconds form and vice versa. In addition, this script also provides a farthest point and a distance calculator to tell where is the farthest point and how far away from from the point you entered.

GotoWebsite V. 1.0
A popup that asks the user what URL they would like to visit.

Mousemove Changing Color Scrollbars
This nice script makes your scrollbar change color when you move the mouse - if you remove the numbers from the array ("0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9") they would always be light colors but if you removed the letters ("A","B","C","D","E","F") the colors would always be dark!

Scroller with Smooth Fade Effect
Surprise your visitors with this unique fade-scroller. Configure text, textsize, textcolor, backgroundcolor, scrollersize, bordercolor, links and fade effects in less than 5 minutes. Crossbrowser: IE 5x, NS 6x, Opera 7x and NS 4x (no fade effect).

Docked Panel
This script allows you to easily create a panel that always remains visible in a predefined position. It can be useful for ads or navigation bars.

BetterCalculator 1.2
BetterCalculator 1.2 is a freeware Javascript calculator with MEMORY screen, built in HELP screens and NEW WINDOW function.

Title Changer
Title Changer is a script which takes and array and places it in the title. To clear the array it "sweeps" it away and then sweeps it back through. It is fairly customizable and easy to use

Happy Rainbow Fairy Background Color Changer
Changes the background color of your website at the touch of a button.

Status Changer
Status Changer is a script which takes and array and places it in the status bar. To clear the array it "sweeps" it away and then sweeps it back through. It is fairly customizable and easy to use

Scrolling Status Bar
Puts a scrolling information bar on the bottom of IE. Does not work with Mozilla

Simple Mouseleave Mouseenter Support
This script adds mouseleave and mouseenter events support. It is very simple, easy to use and implement, and requires no external dependencies or support.

Matrix Multiplier
This script multiplies matrices of any size.

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