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Javascript Forms

Javascripts > Javascript Forms

Scripts ordered by popularity. Newest scripts at the bottom.

Email Address Validation Script
Scan email addresses to make sure that the email address entered into the textbox contains valid characters.

Field Clear Script
This script clears a text box when it is clicked on.

Select All Script
This script selects all the content in a scrolling textbox.

Parse Number to Currency Format
This is a handy script for forms that contain money values. It automatically parses the form element of your choice whenever a surfer enters a number into the standard currency format.

Combo Jump Script
This script allows you to display a list of site titles in a combo box and allows the user to select one and go to it.

FormCheck is a generic script which will check and verify that mandatory fields are filled in before form submission. If one or more of the required fields are empty. A popup dialog will appear showing the omitted fields.

Input Box Restrictions
This form validation JavaScript restricts the number of characters allowed inside an input field. Great for preventing people from overloading the form.

Dynamic Title Adding Script
This script lets a visitor change a piece of text on your page.

Select One 2
This scripts demonstrates how I limited only one selection by deselecting all others and how you can retrieve the value of the box you are selecting.

EMail Address Verification
If you ask for the e-mail address to the user in any textfield on a form, this script verifies whether the text entered in the field is in the format

Clear Form onFocus
This script clears the content out of a form field onFocus().

Go To Link onClick of Radio Button
This script allow user to go on a link page after a radio button is clicked.

Remove Duplicates From List
Remove duplicates from any list.

Sort Contents of Table
A javascript to sort the contents of a table.

Dynamic Fields
The script generates a new feild in your form if you want to add more details. It is 100% client side and it uses a pair of cookies to retain its values across calls. The name of the feild goes like field1, field2 etc and can be used to pass values to the web server.I think this will be useful for data like academic qualifications.

Last Updated
Automaticly update the date when you have changed the content of you web page.

Auto Greeting
You can put this in your web page to greet your site visitors according to their local time.

Clear Form Field Value on Click
Clear the value in a form field when a user clicks into it.

Auto Text Converter
This script will automatically and repeatedly write text into a input field.

Jump To Next Field When Maxlength Reached
Move to the next field when the maximum length has been reached.

Simple Calculation Minus
Simple Calculation Minus : LENGHT DIVIDING

Code Box Editor
Tiny javascript which can be added to any webpage or blog and allows you to present your html, javascript & css code to your visitors in a more functional way, allowing them to play with & preview codes right on the same page.

Drop Down Messages
Show messages based on selected item from drop down menu.

Editable Select Box
With the Editable Selectbox control, you can add, edit, delete, and even sort the options in a selectbox. Upon submission, it not only sends the selected item, but also all the other items in the order they appear, encoded in a hidden field.

It changes your background colour every day

Disable the Enter Button on Form
This script disable the [Enter] key when pressed inside chosen fields of your choice. Try filling out the text fields below and pressing [Enter]. Notice how instead of submitting the form, the cursor is instead advanced to the next field.

Copy Selected Text
Use this script to copy selected text.

Check for Max Number of Characters
Check for the maximum number of characters allowed.

Random Quote in Form Box
Get a random quote an insert it into a form box.

Check for Max Number of Words
Check input box for the maximum number of words.

Undeletable Text
Make text undeletable with this javascript.

Select Entire Field Value
Select the value of an entire field.

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