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New Javascripts

Undeletable Text
Make text undeletable with this javascript.
5565 : 37

Bandwidth Converter
Easily convert between the various units used to calculate bandwidth, using this cool script!
45581 : 2029

Cool Raining Animation
Add rain to your webpage with this cool animation script!
388742 : 9766

Fading Dynamic Content 2.0
This JavaScript creates a slide-show effect displaying different contents dynamically. The content fades in while being displayed. This version (v 2.0) supports IE, Netscape 4.x and Netscape 6.x.
29876 : 19586

Detect Status And Redirect
Detect a browsers version with description of forwarding messages displayed, then redirects
46962 : 921

Change Cursor
A simple script that will change a viewers cursor to whatever style you choose. To Change the Cursor from what you see now, simply replace " n-resize " with any of the following: Hand = Hand, Crosshair = Crosshair, Text = Highlight Text Cursor, Wait = Hour Glass, Move = 4Arrows, Help = ?, and Arrow for the arrow on this demonstration its - n-resize "for up", s-resize "for down", e-resize "for right", w-resize "for left", and for upper right, or upper left, do ne-resize, or nw-resize.
181453 : 1675

Detect & Print Browser Version
Detect a browsers version with this simple script and display it on your web page as a printed text.
23978 : 103

Image Of The Day
Uses the getdate function to get the current date from the users system clock, then gets the correct image from our server and displays it on your website.
22408 : 217

Scrolling Billboard
This script displays multiple messages 1 at a time in the status bar. It will continue to rotate through all the messages in a loop.
63747 : 31761

Auto Browser Closer
A simple script allowing a browser window to automatically close at a specified time. Each 1000 = 1 second.
30947 : 335

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