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New Javascripts

Keep Page Out of Frames Script
Many times people will link to your site and keep your pages within their own frames so that the surfer can get back to their own page. This script prevents that from occuring.
29446 : 322

Animated Link Box
A cool animated combo box for containing your favorite links!
68593 : 1037

Visitor Website Location
This script will grab the webpage title and url and display the information as a working link of the webpage being visited! This script also adds a helpful "back" link and "home" link for easier navigation, and includes input for an image to seperate these links. Just type in your home URL and an image URL and you're set!
10972 : 100

Form Validation Script
This script displays alert message if the user accidently enters any other character where a number is required.
12365 : 310

Document Swipe Effect
Use this document swipe effect on your webpage to add flare! Works in NS6 as well!
59961 : 735

Go To Link onClick of Radio Button
This script allow user to go on a link page after a radio button is clicked.
27382 : 979

No Right Click
Disable right clicking on your site to prevent people from stealing your images and code!
290066 : 8533

IP Block
This neat little script enables you to block someone's IP adress! So if you don't want someone on your site, this is your kinda script!
18016 : 330

Color Changing Links Script
This script makes all of your links change color when the mouse is placed over them.
30576 : 304

Backwards Text Converter
Make any text typed by you or a user display backwards. Not very practical, but fun.
91311 : 540

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