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Check Frames Page Script
Most keep-page-in-frames scripts only check to see if the page is inside a frame or not. But this script detects if it is in the correct frame, too.
18077 : 294

PopUp Window Viewer
This simple script allows you to designate your link PopUp window variables with ease. Position window exactly where to have viewed, control size, scrollbar, and automatically hide the toolbar and status. The window top command is controlled with the header portion of script, the size and scroll are controlled on the OnClick="NewWindow" script for body section. Real easy script to work with, and works in IE & NS. We use it avidly with no bugs :)
47781 : 980

No Right Click PLUS
This script will block BOTH I.E. and Netscape visitors from right clicking on a webpage and then will pop up an alret displaying whatever message you want. It also has the option to close the window if you choose.
18377 : 556

Link with Background Color Script
This script makes links have a background color surround them when the user's mouse is placed over them.
30000 : 244

Limited Page View Script
Limit the time that a page is viewed using this script.
32236 : 755

ID Tracker
Use this cookie to track users across your site.
2940 : 14

Auto Text Converter
This script will automatically and repeatedly write text into a input field.
18993 : 112

GO Menu
Use the GO! menu to quickly browser through and navigate to different URLs!
78371 : 403

Days Left
This script calculates and displays the number of days left in the current month.
7757 : 42

Text Time Format
This script collects the current time from your computer and writes it to HTML format for the browser to display.
53448 : 360

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