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New Javascripts

Select All Script
This script selects all the content in a scrolling textbox.
100957 : 673

Days Left
This script calculates and displays the number of days left in the current month.
8892 : 44

Keep Page In Frames Script
Now and then people get to a page which needs to be kept in a frame. This script keeps pages which need to be in a frame in it.
76324 : 1237

Combo Jump Script
This script allows you to display a list of site titles in a combo box and allows the user to select one and go to it.
84451 : 990

Windows Earthquake
Makes the window shake around for a few seconds.
36956 : 1621

Parse Number to Currency Format
This is a handy script for forms that contain money values. It automatically parses the form element of your choice whenever a surfer enters a number into the standard currency format.
87081 : 438

BetterCalculator 1.2
BetterCalculator 1.2 is a freeware Javascript calculator with MEMORY screen, built in HELP screens and NEW WINDOW function.
8350 : 244

Backwards Text Script
This script makes your message display backwards on the page.
41835 : 339

Break Out of Frames
This script uses a link to break out of frames. You place the code where you want it to appear on your page and once clicked it will break the page out of any frames. If the page is shown outside of a frame the link will disappear.
55120 : 463

Scrolling Status Bar
Puts a scrolling information bar on the bottom of IE. Does not work with Mozilla
7272 : 20

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