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New Javascripts

Random Link Button
This is a fun, dynamic button that rotates between different links to navigate to! Supports infinite number of links, and all displayed using just one button!
44794 : 390

Bandwidth Converter
Easily convert between the various units used to calculate bandwidth, using this cool script!
47968 : 2031

Simple Javascript Redirect
A SMALL SCRIPT THAT LINK ONE PAGE TO ANOTHER WITH OUT ANY MOUSE CLICKS A small javascript that will redirect to another page without any mouse clicks.
9737 : 31

This little script shakes the monitor screen like an earthquake.
95680 : 927

Scroll Up
This script used to display the menu in the center of the page without user knowledge.
21181 : 504

Go To Link onClick of Radio Button
This script allow user to go on a link page after a radio button is clicked.
30957 : 990

Display Browser Type
Display the full browser type and version of your visitors with this awesome script!
90382 : 1293

Platform Sniffer
Find out what platform your visitors are using.
39994 : 480

Date & Time Display in Status Bar
The script is to be immediately loaded when the frame loads in the browser window.
16465 : 173

Only Popup Once
Use cookies to make sure a visitor only see's one popup.
7569 : 38

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