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New Javascripts

Stop Watch Script
Add a nifty JavaScript stop watch to your site! Comes with the basic stop/start and reset feature.
75708 : 504

Simple Javascript Redirect
A SMALL SCRIPT THAT LINK ONE PAGE TO ANOTHER WITH OUT ANY MOUSE CLICKS A small javascript that will redirect to another page without any mouse clicks.
9099 : 26

Uphill-Downhill Text Script
This script makes your message do a sort of roller coaster thing. It makes the font size get larger and smaller to give it a sort of up and down effect.
55207 : 486

Redirect With Link
Another redirection script based on the users browser.
10712 : 572

Parse Number to Currency Format
This is a handy script for forms that contain money values. It automatically parses the form element of your choice whenever a surfer enters a number into the standard currency format.
86746 : 438

Happy Rainbow Fairy Background Color Changer
Changes the background color of your website at the touch of a button.
7490 : 14

User Input
This script lets your visitors interact with your webpage by entering their name.
18163 : 1061

Super-Duper Virtual Disco Ball
A fun, cute script that changes the background of your website to each and every color in the rainbow (almost!☺), plus white, all in a neat box. Looks SUPERCOOL! But don't take my word for it! Try it yourself!
27178 : 13700

Dynamic Fields
The script generates a new feild in your form if you want to add more details. It is 100% client side and it uses a pair of cookies to retain its values across calls. The name of the feild goes like field1, field2 etc and can be used to pass values to the web server.I think this will be useful for data like academic qualifications.
27563 : 211

Change Languages
Display a message according to the language code as set in browser.
48984 : 524

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