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New Javascripts

Auto Greeting
You can put this in your web page to greet your site visitors according to their local time.
23759 : 365

Written Load Clock
Writes the exact time you loaded the web page--up to the second
47993 : 388

Copy Selected Text
Use this script to copy selected text.
8960 : 26

Goodbye Popup Window
Popup a goodbye window when someone leaves your site.
10158 : 51

A small litle game that lets u find and look after your own pikachu.
36515 : 15072

It may seem to be quite a task, but creating a calendar on a Web page is not as hard as you might think. Below you can select any month and year of which to view.
24353 : 2578

Random Link Button
This is a fun, dynamic button that rotates between different links to navigate to! Supports infinite number of links, and all displayed using just one button!
44575 : 389

Thank You For Viewing
This script has a message that says: Thanks for looking at my page.
23867 : 305

FlexiGrid 2
FlexiGrid 2 is a sort of folding grid, where you can display your tabular data in a hierarchial manner. As far as the internal functionality is concerned, FlexiGrid follows the concept of 'Content Indexing in a document'. i.e. The node IDs are generated in a way similar to the Content Indexing of a typical well organized document.
45934 : 1826

Random Quote
This simple but useful script displays a random quote out of three.
53349 : 586

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