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New Javascripts

Alert Button
Create an alert Button, works with webtv, sometimes.
23032 : 352

Right Click PLUS
This JScript will block BOTH IE and Netscape users from right clicking on a page and will pop up an alert message of your choice. This script also has the option to close the window after displaying the message if you want.
26040 : 631

No Right Click Withought Alert
This script disables the right-click function and does not display any annoying warning signs. Compatible with; IE7, Firefox 2, Netscape...
10805 : 86

Follow Link on Mouse Over Script
When the surfer's mouse is over the link they are taken to the page automatically instead of making the surfer click on it.
62571 : 589

Double Click to Move Table Row
Script allows users to move rows up and down on a table by simply double-clicking on the source row and then again on the destination row.
11173 : 98

Create a Popup Once Window
Popup windows are everywhere on the web. Use this script to add one to your site that is NOT annoying, since it only pops up once. Try leaving then coming back to this page- no more popup.
151348 : 2437

Status Bar Message
Hava an exciting message on your status bar.
13343 : 417

Button Alert
When you click the button it alerts you.
51498 : 719

Go To Link onClick of Radio Button
This script allow user to go on a link page after a radio button is clicked.
29440 : 983

It may seem to be quite a task, but creating a calendar on a Web page is not as hard as you might think. Below you can select any month and year of which to view.
23620 : 2576

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