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New Javascripts

Dynamic Title Adding Script
This script lets a visitor change a piece of text on your page.
61865 : 3224

Parse Number to Currency Format
This is a handy script for forms that contain money values. It automatically parses the form element of your choice whenever a surfer enters a number into the standard currency format.
87013 : 438

USA Calendar
It shows a Calendar of the month. Today is highlited. The two colors, that are used for highliting and background, can by changed in the STYLE statement. This version is for America and UK where the week starts at Sunday. The calendar is writen in English. This can be changed by changing the first two arrays.
50704 : 2659

It lets an image fall from the top of your screen and float down. you can change the image ,speed, and number of pictures falling.
46472 : 532

Random Link Wheel
Give the Link Wheel script a spin, and see which site you end up in!
40722 : 221

Display Time and Document URL
Display the current time plus the document's URL conveniently using this script.
69648 : 4332

No-Right Click Script
A very useful script for protecting copywrited images. Easy customization. For more of these useful DHTML Scripts,HTML Help, and JavaScript Tutorials.
20740 : 279

3D JavaScript Animation
3D rotating cuboid. Not sure what this could be good for, but here it is.
21304 : 471

A small litle game that lets u find and look after your own pikachu.
36175 : 15070

Entire Year Calendar
This script displays a calendar for the entire year.
9163 : 16

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