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New Javascripts

Scroll Up
This script used to display the menu in the center of the page without user knowledge.
20581 : 502

Random Link Wheel
Give the Link Wheel script a spin, and see which site you end up in!
40592 : 221

Disable the Enter Button on Form
This script disable the [Enter] key when pressed inside chosen fields of your choice. Try filling out the text fields below and pressing [Enter]. Notice how instead of submitting the form, the cursor is instead advanced to the next field.
9232 : 576

Display Time and Document URL
Display the current time plus the document's URL conveniently using this script.
69503 : 4332

Simple Mouseleave Mouseenter Support
This script adds mouseleave and mouseenter events support. It is very simple, easy to use and implement, and requires no external dependencies or support.
6984 : 37

Input Box Restrictions
This form validation JavaScript restricts the number of characters allowed inside an input field. Great for preventing people from overloading the form.
62320 : 692

Field Clear Script
This script clears a text box when it is clicked on.
111104 : 1870

Quick Printing A Web Page
Use this script to allow others to quickly print off a copy of your web page. Great for online resumes!
59061 : 791

Select Entire Field Value
Select the value of an entire field.
7193 : 25

Dynamic Fields
The script generates a new feild in your form if you want to add more details. It is 100% client side and it uses a pair of cookies to retain its values across calls. The name of the feild goes like field1, field2 etc and can be used to pass values to the web server.I think this will be useful for data like academic qualifications.
27621 : 211

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