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New Javascripts

Scroller with Smooth Fade Effect
Surprise your visitors with this unique fade-scroller. Configure text, textsize, textcolor, backgroundcolor, scrollersize, bordercolor, links and fade effects in less than 5 minutes. Crossbrowser: IE 5x, NS 6x, Opera 7x and NS 4x (no fade effect).
7849 : 205

User Input
This script lets your visitors interact with your webpage by entering their name.
17548 : 1061

Parse Number to Currency Format
This is a handy script for forms that contain money values. It automatically parses the form element of your choice whenever a surfer enters a number into the standard currency format.
85515 : 438

No Right Click PLUS
This script will block BOTH I.E. and Netscape visitors from right clicking on a webpage and then will pop up an alret displaying whatever message you want. It also has the option to close the window if you choose.
18593 : 556

Clear Form onFocus
This script clears the content out of a form field onFocus().
33407 : 535

Detect Resolution
Find out the resolution of your visitors browsers!
68101 : 607

Special Effect Calender
This will "highlight" each month and date in turn, stopping at the correct one and dimming the previous dates. It will then calculate the time to the seconds, making sure the hours, minutes, and secons stay perfectly intact and correct. IE4+ and NS6+ only.
14013 : 72

Uphill Text Script
This script makes your message's size get larger. When it gets to it's maximum size, it starts over.
26834 : 316

Knock Knock! Browser Check
This little (actually big) script checks the name and version of the user's browser. If the user's browser version is high enough, it'll give the user a Knock Knock! joke. If it's not, it will tell the user they should update their browser.
23459 : 785

Millennium Countdown Clock for 3001
Countdown till 4th millenium (year 3001).
13247 : 192

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