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New Javascripts

Code Box Editor
Tiny javascript which can be added to any webpage or blog and allows you to present your html, javascript & css code to your visitors in a more functional way, allowing them to play with & preview codes right on the same page.
13733 : 159

Mouse Tail Clock
This is a mouse trailer that shows the time in a clock form and also date and day to.
20987 : 661

Century Clock for 2101
Countdown until 22nd century (year 2101).
12626 : 205

User Input
This script lets your visitors interact with your webpage by entering their name.
18501 : 1062

Date Script
This script allows you to put the current date in a location specified by you. It is very similar to the script on the homepage which tells the date.
120899 : 1356

Add to Favorites Script
When the button/link is clicked on, the current page will be added to the user's favorites.
73388 : 6642

Status Changer
Status Changer is a script which takes and array and places it in the status bar. To clear the array it "sweeps" it away and then sweeps it back through. It is fairly customizable and easy to use
7382 : 18

Last Visit Cookie
This cookie records the visitors name, how many visits, and the last visit.
3929 : 14

Animated Site Header
Animate your header into view with this cool script. Works in both IE4+ and NS6!
316951 : 2482

Check for Max Number of Words
Check input box for the maximum number of words.
7648 : 17

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