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New Javascripts

Simple Calculation Minus
Simple Calculation Minus : LENGHT DIVIDING
15667 : 426

Display Browser Type
Display the full browser type and version of your visitors with this awesome script!
89632 : 1288

Slide Show Script
This script allows you to display a "Slide Show" where the surfer can change the images on a page automatically.
432237 : 24984

Super-Duper Virtual Disco Ball
A fun, cute script that changes the background of your website to each and every color in the rainbow (almost!☺), plus white, all in a neat box. Looks SUPERCOOL! But don't take my word for it! Try it yourself!
27286 : 13700

Image Rollover Script
This script makes an image change when the mouse is placed over the image.
711895 : 5922

Status Changer
Status Changer is a script which takes and array and places it in the status bar. To clear the array it "sweeps" it away and then sweeps it back through. It is fairly customizable and easy to use
7171 : 17

Drop Down Messages
Show messages based on selected item from drop down menu.
11639 : 1086

Scroll Up
This script used to display the menu in the center of the page without user knowledge.
20644 : 502

IP Block
This neat little script enables you to block someone's IP adress! So if you don't want someone on your site, this is your kinda script!
19763 : 332

A Link that uses the Title Bar
This script allows a onMouseOver command to put a message on the Title Bar, acording to the message within the link function. Of course onMouseOut cammand returns the original Title to the Title Bar.
12599 : 1366

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