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New Javascripts

Random Link Wheel
Give the Link Wheel script a spin, and see which site you end up in!
39873 : 221

Fading Image Script
This script makes an image fade in and fade out when the mouse is over it. It is similar to a regular rollover, but it only requires one image.
92817 : 546

Matrix Multiplier
This script multiplies matrices of any size.
6145 : 14

Dynamic Fields
The script generates a new feild in your form if you want to add more details. It is 100% client side and it uses a pair of cookies to retain its values across calls. The name of the feild goes like field1, field2 etc and can be used to pass values to the web server.I think this will be useful for data like academic qualifications.
26788 : 210

A Link that uses the Title Bar
This script allows a onMouseOver command to put a message on the Title Bar, acording to the message within the link function. Of course onMouseOut cammand returns the original Title to the Title Bar.
11999 : 1366

Latitude and Longitude Location Conversion and farthest point locator
This tiny webpage aims to convert latitude and longitude (also known as absolute address) from degree,decimal form to degree, minutes, seconds form and vice versa. In addition, this script also provides a farthest point and a distance calculator to tell where is the farthest point and how far away from from the point you entered.
8325 : 3

No Right Click PLUS
This script will block BOTH I.E. and Netscape visitors from right clicking on a webpage and then will pop up an alret displaying whatever message you want. It also has the option to close the window if you choose.
18649 : 556

Only Popup Once
Use cookies to make sure a visitor only see's one popup.
6302 : 31

Random Image Script
This script displays a random image. Instead of getting the time and displaying an image based on that, it truly is a mathematical random script.
479142 : 4868

Animated Link Box
A cool animated combo box for containing your favorite links!
69407 : 1038

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