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New Javascripts

Screensize Redirect
Redirect your visitors based on their screen resolution.
9555 : 40

EMail Address Verification
If you ask for the e-mail address to the user in any textfield on a form, this script verifies whether the text entered in the field is in the format [email protected]
38202 : 1276

Keep Page Out of Frames Script
Many times people will link to your site and keep your pages within their own frames so that the surfer can get back to their own page. This script prevents that from occuring.
30391 : 322

Spinning Cursor Dots
If this script is loaded, some colored dots will spin around the cursor.
11686 : 79

Remove Duplicates From List
Remove duplicates from any list.
28209 : 160

Scrolling Billboard
This script displays multiple messages 1 at a time in the status bar. It will continue to rotate through all the messages in a loop.
66074 : 32421

Latitude and Longitude Location Conversion and farthest point locator
This tiny webpage aims to convert latitude and longitude (also known as absolute address) from degree,decimal form to degree, minutes, seconds form and vice versa. In addition, this script also provides a farthest point and a distance calculator to tell where is the farthest point and how far away from from the point you entered.
8586 : 3

Mousemove Changing Color Scrollbars
This nice script makes your scrollbar change color when you move the mouse - if you remove the numbers from the array ("0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9") they would always be light colors but if you removed the letters ("A","B","C","D","E","F") the colors would always be dark!
8454 : 84

Remote Control Script
This scripts opens up a new window which acts like a remote control enabling you to navigate the site.
65314 : 623

Link Highlight Effect
Add a highlighting effect to your links with this cool script!
207891 : 4005

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