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New Javascripts

Jump To Next Field When Maxlength Reached
Move to the next field when the maximum length has been reached.
19260 : 196

Mouse Pointer Effect
This script makes a wand like effect around your cursor.
396909 : 2659

Browser Info Cookie
This cookie records the visitors name and their browser information and displays it on the screen.
2469 : 24

Animated Site Header
Animate your header into view with this cool script. Works in both IE4+ and NS6!
312130 : 2481

No Right Click Withought Alert
This script disables the right-click function and does not display any annoying warning signs. Compatible with; IE7, Firefox 2, Netscape...
10903 : 86

BN Clock
A simple and reliable clock made in javascript. Displays hours, minutes, and seconds, updates every second
15129 : 11

Number of Visits
Records the number of visits in a cookie.
1364 : 2

Status Bar Message
Hava an exciting message on your status bar.
13431 : 417

Millennium Countdown Clock for 3001
Countdown till 4th millenium (year 3001).
13791 : 192

Glowing Links
With this script, every link on your page will glow when they are hovered over
10344 : 90

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