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New Javascripts

Auto Greeting
You can put this in your web page to greet your site visitors according to their local time.
23593 : 363

Roman Numerals
Convert numbers to Roman Numerals.
28747 : 242

Copy Selected Text
Use this script to copy selected text.
8821 : 25

Latitude and Longitude Location Conversion and farthest point locator
This tiny webpage aims to convert latitude and longitude (also known as absolute address) from degree,decimal form to degree, minutes, seconds form and vice versa. In addition, this script also provides a farthest point and a distance calculator to tell where is the farthest point and how far away from from the point you entered.
9171 : 3

Random Link Wheel
Give the Link Wheel script a spin, and see which site you end up in!
40844 : 222

Popup Calendar
Fully navigable cross-browser popup calendar implemented in 4K of JavaScript!
168754 : 6491

Popup Warning Alert Box
A popup warning.
81780 : 987

Clear Form Field Value on Click
Clear the value in a form field when a user clicks into it.
21520 : 250

It changes your background colour every day
11600 : 200

Number of Visits
Records the number of visits in a cookie.
1497 : 2

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