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New Javascripts

Auto Text Converter
This script will automatically and repeatedly write text into a input field.
20711 : 113

URL Input Box
A simple script allowing a URL input box anywhere on your web page.
56586 : 2081

Email Address Validation Script
Scan email addresses to make sure that the email address entered into the textbox contains valid characters.
290430 : 6004

Credit Card Payoff Calculator
Calculates the number of payments or amount of the monthly payment given the other, current APR and remaining balance.
16277 : 502

Short Date
Shows the date in short hand using numbers.
22761 : 436

Title Changer
Title Changer is a script which takes and array and places it in the title. To clear the array it "sweeps" it away and then sweeps it back through. It is fairly customizable and easy to use
8165 : 19

Secret Alert Popup
Type a secret word anywhere on the page to view an alert
30766 : 581

Allow visitors to print your page with a simple click.
14151 : 498

Auto Expire
Great for promotions that start on a certain date, and end on another.
9718 : 68

Mousemove Changing Color Scrollbars
This nice script makes your scrollbar change color when you move the mouse - if you remove the numbers from the array ("0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9") they would always be light colors but if you removed the letters ("A","B","C","D","E","F") the colors would always be dark!
9470 : 86

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