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Atkins Calendar Javascript

Javascripts > Javascript Calendars > Atkins Calendar

Script Title: Atkins Calendar

Description: A javascript calendar that includes a status bar clock, and the capability to draw up a popup window with future months in. Also stores entries into calendar in a cookie on users comuter.

Example: Available


Whats Happening Today:



To enter information into your calendar, use the form below.

This page stores this information in a cookie. If you are blocking cookies, or if you delete your cookies, this information will be lost.

The cookie and its stored information will automatically be deleted at the end of the month.


To view a different month, use the form below.

Copy the following code into your <HEAD></HEAD> tags.

Copy the following code INTO your <BODY> tag.

Copy the following code between the <BODY></BODY> tags of your html page.

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